Is there a god?

A large scientific organization in America (where else) decided to pose the question to it's Hitech computer. "Is there a GOD". After feeding in all relevant information available they typed it in and waited. After a lot of hard disk searching and the checking of all drives the computer went into an eerie silence for a few hours and then started typing.

Its answer was "Insufficient data".

Not to be outdone the scientists in their infinite wisdom started gathering information on God from the Worlds libraries, archives, and archaelogy institutions. So much information was assembled that it was decided that one computer could not handle it all so all large computers in the States were linked together for the operation. Again the question was posed and all the computers went into action. After three days the answer was forthcomming.

"Not enough resources to compute answer".

This time they were going to get an answer to an age old problem and nothing would stop them. After months of negotiations with governments around the world they were able to link all the computers in the world together to produce the ultimate computer. Nothing would stop them now. Just to make sure they fed in all information even remotely connected to God.

The information entered and all computers linked a scientist typed in the question "Is there a God?". The computer whirred into action checking all it's drives and then linking with all the other computers. After months of activity going from one computer to another the computer started typing the answer and everybody waited eagerly as it typed to the screen.

"There is now".