Why Jesus was an Aussie

Proof that Jesus was Australian:

  • He wore thongs.
  • He was a chippy, who like all good union members didn't work on Sundays.
  • His favourite past times were fishing, camping, going 4-wheel donkeying, and most of his mates were fishermen.
  • He seemed to know a lot of prostitutes.
  • His mates all had nicknames: The Rock, The Doubter, Simon Peter, The Baptist, so on and so forth.
  • The only time he went to church as a young bloke he got into a fight.
  • He was a champion surfer, it was like he could walk on water.
  • He did a mean barbeque, 5000 people rock up, no wuckers throw a few fresh caught fish on the barbie, some buns and a bit of mum's potato salad (it's in the Gospel of Thomas, trust me) and bob's your uncle.
  • No one is exactly sure where he was earning his quid from but he had a mate in the tax office so it was all sweet.
  • And to top it all off, he turned water into alcohol and if that isn't an Australian miracle I don't know what is!