Sneaky Bunny

One day Mr.Bear and Mr.Rabbit are walking through the forrest when they come across a genie in a bottle.

They rub the bottle and the genie appears, and seeing that there are two of them and the genie hasn't been rubbed up and down for a while he decides to do a special offer...

"3 wishes each, that's 6 in total boys, now who's first up.. Mr.Bear?"

"OK" Mr Bear replies, "Well i wish that all the bears in this forest were hot looking girl bears!"

The genie winks at Mr Bear and grants his wish, he then turns to Mr Rabbit...

"Well, in that case i wish i had a crash helmet" says Mr Rabbit.

The genie grants this wish and asks mr bear for his second wish...

"Well, I wish that all the bears in this country were hot looking girl bears who were hot for me!"

Aha! says the genie with a sly grin and a wink, your wish is granted..

"OK, well now I want a motor bike" says Mr Rabbit. Mr Bear looks at Mr Rabbit in disgrace and then uses his final wish.

"Well seeing as how Mr Rabbit keeps wasting wishes I could be using i'm going to make this one really count. I wish that all the bears in the world were sexy girl bears all for me, I wanna be the only guy bear so i can have em all!"

The genie is pleased with this wish and gives Mr Bear a nudge in the ribs.

"Your wish is granted Mr Bear, you horny devil!"

Finally, Mr Rabbit uses his final wish.

"Well, I wish Mr Bear was gay!!!!" and takes off as fast as he can on his motor bike.