Can you hold off death with your toys?

At 05:22 PM 1/29/97 +1000, Belegdel wrote:

>> "He who dies with the most toys had the most fun!"
> He who dies with the most toys still dies.


>> So buy more toys.
> And work out a way to take it with you. "He who reaches the afterlife
> with the most toys is the real winner."

I wonder how long I can hold death off with a lego spaceship?

"I have come for you."
" Beeew, beeew. shhhhhhhshshshshshoooooom. Zappadazappada-waaneez."
"Put the toy down and come with me. You are dead. You are mine."
"Zoooooom. Zapzapzapzap. Pshhhhshshhheeeeeww. WhooooshshshshshshshBOOOM."
"Fucking loony."