A charming Christmas story

A few weeks before Christmas a postmaster in a small town received a letter addressed to Santa Claus. He opened it and was touched by its unusually pathetic message.

It read: "Dear Santa, do you think you could give me $50 for a bike? It's not for myself,but my mother is a widow with 5 children and we have hit hard times. The bike would help me deliver newspapers and get some money for young Johnnys medicine..."

The postmaster was so touched that he took it along to his church that night and read it aloud. It prompted a quick collection which raised $48. The post master slipped the money into a church envelope, addressed it to the boy and posted it.

The following week he noticed another letter to Santa in the same lad's handwriting. He slipped the unopened envelope in his pocket and at the appropriate time stood up at church and read it aloud.

It said: "Dear Santa, thankyou for sending the money for the new bike, only next time you do this sort of thing be sure not to send it through the church as the bastards took a $2 commission."